Oculus Rift CV1

The pre-orders for the Oculus Rift Consumer Version 1 started yesterday. Many people on the internet were startled by a steep price of 599$ (or 700€ for europe) before shipping and taxes and without the touch controllers. I am however lucky enough, to get one of the first Rift’s running from the production line in March for free, as I backed the original Rift DK1 onkickstarter back in 2012 and Oculus generously decided to reward their original supporters with a free CV1.


The CV1 is announced to be delivered starting March this year and will be bundled with a xbox controller, the camera for headtracking and a remote specifically designed for navigating the oculus storefront and mediacenter.


The feedback I read so far is all positive and I am really looking forward to experience it my self and developing software for it.

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