(left to right: Nikolai Brinkmöller, Timo Zipperle, Marcus Klapprodt, 360Mini, Dan Burton, Florian Loosen, Jan Hejbowicz)

Certainly I was interested to see all the other new inventions and the electronics on the CES, too. Therefore I used every free minute to take a little walk and look at what the other exhibitors had to present.

Here’s a short summary of my impressions. Our booth was not located in one of the main halls of the CES. There is a separate location close to CES called Eureka Park. It is the flagship startup destination at CES, providing a unique opportunity to launch a new product, service or idea.

For me the Eureka Park was the most interesting spot of the show. I’ve seen really cool and useful inventions like a 3D printer for fibre compound materials, a waterjet cutter for home use, a pan you can connect to your smartphone to see the temperature and get an alert when your meal is ready and a lot of other interesting stuff.

The main product categories this year were:

  • 3D printers (different sizes, concepts, materials, qualities and prices)
  • Multicopters (very small, human carrying, wide range, easy to use, etc)
  • VR glasses (kits for smartphones, high resolutions, wireless,etc)
  • Fitness trackers (in your shoes, watches, etc.)
  • TVs (8k, very big, curved, ultra thin, flexible)
  • Cameras (with panorama lenses, outdoor high res, etc.)
  • Smartphones (new manufacturers, new models)
  • Home automation (for electricity, heating and security)
  • Gaming and fun products
  • Connected cars

In the end I got a notion that everybody tried to connect everything to the internet, regardless if there is a need or not. I have also seen a lot of stuff like an umbrella with built in weather forecast, shoes you can close with your smartphone, a hat with integrated GPS and a water bottle that records when and how much you drank. I’m curious about how many of these will be back on CES next year.