Virtual Reality

The current renaissance of virtual reality glasses is fueled by the release of the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift; even Samsung joined in with their GearVR, even though it is targeted towards mobile users. The new VR systems convince with their high resolution rendering which lead to full immersion in the displayed virtual worlds. Additionally the spatial position of the headsets is tracked, so movement of the wearer’s head is without noticeable delay mapped 1:1 into the virtual world. This eliminates motion sickness from using VR almost completely.

Oculus Rift

We are long-time VR fans and backed the original Kickstarter campaign of the Oculus Rift in Kickstarter back in 2012. Once we will receive our consumer Oculus Rift, we will update this page.

HTC Vive

Additionally we bought the HTC Vive once it was available and set the system up in a dedicated room.

One of the most impressive features – apart from the high-quality rendering of the VR world – is the Chaperone system, which continually tracks the player and the controllers in the room using two wall-mounted base stations. Using this information the system always knows exactly where the user is, in which direction he is looking and where the two controllers are located. The mapping of the spatial position to the VR position is so good, that you can reach for and grab the controllers in the VR and will have them in your hands without noticing much of a disconnect between virtual and physical world.

The system also uses the spatial information to overlay a grid of the physical walls on to the VR when the user moves close to a wall. That minimizes the risk of unwanted collisions while moving around in the virtual world. Unfortunately it is rather difficult to take a picture of the effect as the overlay is displayed only in the headset and not on the monitor of the computer. But with a bit of tinkering we managed to snap a picture using a cellphone, which can be seen below.

Try VR for yourself

Describing the VR experience using the HTC Vive with its tracked controllers and the Chaperone system doesn’t do it justice; it is much more satisfying to try it for yourself.

So, if you are curious about the possibilities that modern VR hardware offers, then call us or write an email and come visit us! Once you are persuaded by the virtual worlds (and we have no doubt that you will be), we can talk about the benefits that we could achieve in your business using VR.